The Project

The Wineskin Project is a series of short read-aloud plays based on the Gospels that can be freely downloaded for use as Sunday school, church school or Bible study curriculum for high schoolers or adults. (You might also try them with your junior highers if, based on your knowledge of your particular kids, you think they would like them.)

The plays will be written with these goals in mind:

  • To dramatize the human reality behind these accounts from a distant time and place.
  • To spur discussion by raising questions and exploring oddities in the texts while trying as much as possible to avoid supplying any answers.
  • To conjure the mystery of that Kingdom not of this world, that calls us to an end we know not.

I'll be writing these plays in lectionary order. Upon this website's launch in April of 2013, plays covering every Gospel reading scheduled for the summer of 2013 in the Episcopal, Roman Catholic, or Revised Lectionaries (Year C, Propers 4-16) will be available right away, and I'll try from that point on to post new plays at least four months before their scheduled dates so that all the plays for each quarter of the Sunday School year can always be evaluated before that quarter begins.

The Writer

Freeman Ng is a Google software engineer by profession, and a writer by obsession. He grew up in a conservative non-denominational Bible church and went on to join the Episcopal Church as an adult. He may or may not still be an Episcopalian. He lives in Oakland, California.

Freeman is also the author of Joan, a novelization of the life of Joan of Arc, Who Am I?, a personalizable picture book, and Haiku Diem, a daily haiku feed he hasn't missed one day of since July, 2010. You can find more of his writing through his website.


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A novel of Joan of Arc

“An engrossing religious and historical account”

-- Kirkus Reviews

The Plays

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How do I use these plays in my class or small group?

Just have the group sit around a table or in a circle as they normally would, pass out copies of the play, assign parts, and start reading! You might also want to read the Gospel passage itself beforehand, though this isn't required to follow the action in the plays.

Can these plays be performed in front of an audience?

They weren't really written to be performed on stage, or even to be read aloud to an audience, so you'd probably have to make some adjustments for them to work well either way. But you certainly have my permission to try!

What if my church doesn't go by the lectionary?

You can use the plays in any order you like, and I've provided additional sorting options above to help you browse through them in various ways.