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The Bread of Life (2)

When a gospel story rubs against the grain of orthodox Christian belief, I do my best to accentuate the dissonance. However, when a story, like this one of Jesus calling himself the bread of life, plugs pretty much perfectly into the framework of Jesus as the Son of God who dies on the cross as a propitiation for our sins, I’m just as happy to run with that. (It helps that for once, he seems to handle an Old Testament scripture accurately.) In fact, in doing so, I even go beyond what’s in the story. I give one character, Mary Magdalene, an awareness of and belief in Jesus’ real identity, when there’s actually no indication that any of the disciples understood where it was all heading. So, if you’re a theologically conservative Christian who’s been upset at how I’m always casting doubt and finding discrepancies in these plays: enjoy the final scene of this play!