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The Good Samaritan

Because the story of The Good Samaritan is so well known, I felt I could take more liberties than usual, and I had a lot of fun flipping it around so that the parable was the reality and the reality the parable. Aside from that, I performed all my usual Wineskin Project duties:

  • made the best defense I could of the priest and lawyer who pass the robbed man by on the road – a defense that I think I would personally adopt myself in a similar situation
  • pushed the thought experiment to an extreme by making the man who was rescued a total jerk
  • pointed out the oddity in this story that Jesus’ answer to the question of “Who is my neighbor” doesn’t really answer the question at all! (He’ll do that a lot in these plays, because I think he does it a lot in the Gospels.)

Classic material, with which a good time was had by all.

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