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Parable of the Sower

This is a story that divides its hearers. Some receive it gladly, perhaps because it confirms their belief in a universe where many will not be saved, or where the destinies of souls are predestined, or in a Jesus who is as hard and unforgivingly principled as they strive to be themselves. Others take offense at the suggestion that their loving Jesus would purposely leave in the dark a crowd that came out in great numbers to hear his Good News for them, and do what they can to prune or graft the story to fit their theological sensibilities.

It’s all a mystery to me, and all I can do is, like Rod Sterling of the old Twilight Zone TV series – and there’s definitely something “Twi-lit” about this situation where disciples who thought they were following a teacher who wanted to teach or a savior who wanted to save suddenly found themselves faced with something quite different, and even disturbingly alien – all I can do is “submit it for your approval.”