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I hope this doesn’t interfere with the Lenten tone for anybody, but I decided to tell¬†the story of the Transfiguration in the context of the Resurrection. Jesus refers specifically to his future resurrection at the end of the Transfiguration account, of course, and that was part of my rationale, but I also thought the two went together because of the curious phenomenon of nobody being able to recognize Jesus when they first saw his risen body.¬†

There’s not much more to say about this play. It’s a long and dense account, all the more because I combined two major stories into one play, and so there wasn’t much room or need to insert my own ruminations or speculations into it. I hope I did a good job of creating a variety of mindsets among the disciples at that point, as that’s one of the striking aspects of the story to me: that they didn’t all go through these events united in outlook. Some saw the empty tomb, some met the angel, some met Jesus, and some knew nothing except that Jesus had been killed and they might be next. And of course, even those who experienced the same subset of events would react to it individually, according to each temperament.

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