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I don’t have much to say about this account of Jesus’ final sermon to the people of Jerusalem except that I’m suddenly fantasizing about these plays being made into a TV miniseries some day! Not a stilted, reverent reenactment in which the Jesus is a wise teacher and his words and actions since entering Jerusalem are perfectly comprehensible not only to the viewers but to his disciples, but a gritty drama full of clashing emotions and agendas and plot twists galore. The litmus test would be this: Could the viewers be made to feel that they suddenly didn’t know Jesus any more? To suddenly suspect that the producers of the series might not, after all, be believers in a Jesus who was the Christ or even a wise teacher and good man, but that they actually held him to be a madman all along, but purposely manipulated their viewers with more favorable impressions of Jesus until this climactic episode in which they sprang their devilish trap?

That would be a TV series that truly advanced the Kingdom!

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